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Rising Smoke Sauceworks

Synergy Hot Sauce

Synergy Hot Sauce

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Medium heat sweet and spicy Asian style sauce.

Heat level 3/5

Introducing Synergy, where opposites collide in a tantalizing dance of flavors! Our expertly crafted blend combines the bold and the sweet, harmonizing our signature smoky heat with a touch of Asian-inspired yin. Roasted and smoked peppers play the yang to a symphony of Mirin, ginger, and Tamari, creating a sensory umami explosion. Elevate your taste experience with this perfectly synergized fusion. Get ready for a taste journey that stimulates every sense!

Ingredients: Mirin (fructose, sake, water, yeast extract, caramel, lactic acid, succine acid), Vinegar, Red Jalapeno Pepper Mash (peppers, vinegar), Roasted Red Bell Pepper Mash (peppers, vinegar), Ginger Root, Agave Syrup, Orange Juice, Tamari (water, soybeans, salt, alchohol), Garlic, Smoked Habanero Pepper Mash (peppers, vinegar), Dark Brown Sugar (sugar, molasses)

Shelf Life - 3 years

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