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Pommesgewurz French Fry Seasoning

Pommesgewurz French Fry Seasoning

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Next time you're cooking a batch of french fries, toss them in this homemade German-style French Fry seasoning.  Our Pommesgewurz , German for "potato seasoning" is packed with delicious, layered goodness. Garlic, salt, onion and curry powder come together to create this highly addictive fry seasoning.  The German version of french fries, is often double fried and crunchier than most American versions.  This will become your go to seasoning for fries, potato chips, popcorn or any potato-based dish.  Even tastes fantastic on fish.  

Uses:  French Fries, tater tots, chips, dips, popcorn, even fish.

Ingredients: Garlic, sea salt, onion, sweet smoked paprika, curry powder, brown sugar

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