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Nashville Spice Company

Mesquite Lime Seasoning

Mesquite Lime Seasoning

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Mesquite Lime Seasoning is inspired by Tex Mex flavors and dishes.  This smoky and fruit enriched seasoning blend embodies everything you love in Tex Mex cuisine.  It is perfect for grilling, smoking, or sauteing meats and vegetables.  Whenever you want a blend thats smoky, bold, and tart with herbaceous notes, Our Mesquite Lime Seasoning is the one to choose. 

Ingredients:  Honey, smoked salt, lime, green chile powder, fennel, lime juice powder(Organic Tapioca Maltodextrin, Organic Lime Juice Concentrate, and Organic Lime Oil), oregano, and white pepper.

Uses: use in rubs, marinades, and grilling, great on both meats and vegetables, fish tacos, vegetable tacos, or in chili. 

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