Merken Spice

Merken Spice

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At one time nearly impossible to find in the United States, Merken has been gaining more popularity as the American palette becomes more familiar with and wanting of spicy food.

Merken Spice is a Chilean blend gaining popularity as Americans continue their search for dynamic, spicy flavors and new flavors for tried and true recipes.

Our Merken Spice is hand blended with smoked paprika, goat’s horn chiles, sea salt, and coriander. Merken Spice tastes smoky, earthy, with a bit of heat and some saltiness to it.

This is a traditionally Chilean condiment, so it is used on traditional Chilean dishes like the lomito or chacarero sandwiches, or on pebre, the famous Chilean salsa. It can be used as a dry dip on things like hard boiled eggs or bread. Chileans are also fond of using it on pizza and meat-based dishes. Beef is especially compatible with the flavor of this smoky, savory spice blend. A favorite Chilean snack is “mani merkén,” or peanuts that have been tossed with Merken Spice.

In dishes from other cuisines, you can use it anywhere that you would use paprika, including goulash. Try sprinkling it on pasta dishes or on lentils. It’s wonderful on roasted vegetables, particularly potatoes or carrots. Combine it with radishes and cauliflower as well, as the smoky flavor compliments these hearty vegetables quite nicely. This is a blend that can be used on anything that needs a hint of chile flavor and works for people who want that earthy, smoked taste but don’t want to invest in a smoker.