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Korean Chicken Seasoning

Korean Chicken Seasoning

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Our Korean Chicken Seasoning is a savory blend inspired by the sweet flavors of Korean Cooking.  It features the sweet heat of Korean Chile Flakes, also known as gochugaru.  With the addition of bold garlic, sweet molasses and a touch of fish sauce, this versatile blend is sure to please your taste buds.  

It opens with some sweet heat, then follows that with citrus notes and molasses.  Then onions and garlic for balance.  It ends with sesame seeds for some crunch texture.  

Uses:  Grilled or baked chicken, wings, beef, vegetables, marinades and seafood.  

Ingredients:  Korean chile flakes, molasses, paprika, garlic, ginger, onion, soy sauce powder (tamari Soy Sauce (soybeans, salt, sugar) and Non-GMO Maltodextrin), sea salt, pepper, sesame, cayenne, and fish sauce powder (Fermented Anchovies (Anchovies and Salt), Maltodextrin and Salt.

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