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Kashmiri Chile Powder

Kashmiri Chile Powder

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Kashmiri chiles, also called Kashmiri Mirch, are the Indian chile pepper known for their vibrant red hue. This chile powder is used in everything from curry to tandoori chicken.

The Kasmiri chile has been bred to have a mild heat with a vibrant red hue, something that has been carefullyy maintained over time.

Kashmiri chile powder is excellent in curries, sauces, and stews. It is good in tomato sauces, marinades, vegetable dishes, and it is a key ingredient in Tandoori chicken. It gives a good amount of color to anything that is compatible with absorbing colors like fats, onions, and oils.

Kashmiri chile powder is sweet and fruity, with a very mild heat ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 SHU. Some people describe it as having smoky or earthy undertones.

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