Kali Orexi Greek Seasoning

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Inspired by the flavors of Greece, our Kali Orexi (“good appetite”) seasoning has the vibrant, complexity found in Greek dishes.  Herbal and a little sweet, it is delicious for seasoning lamb, chicken, fish, roasted vegetables, eggplant and meatballs.  Add to soups, stews and tomato sauces.  Makes a wonderful marinade or salad dressing. 

Use For: 

chicken, beef, lamb, fish ,meatballs

roasted vegetables

marinades, dressings, dips, sauces


Ingredients:  Kosher sea salt, Mediterranean oregano, black peppercorns, marjoram, basil, garlic, onion, rosemary, nutmeg, Vietnamese cinnamon, De’ Arbol Chiles, Hungarian paprika, allspice.