Hey Grill Hey Chipotle Rub

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Smoky with a hint of sweetness, this barbeque seasoning combines the bold punch of chipotle with sweet honey to bring new levels of flavor to all your barbequing and grilling dishes. Great on beef, chicken, pork, fish and vegetables.  Add to marinades or rubs.  Sprinkle on French fries, potato chips or popcorn,

Use For: 

chicken, pork, fish

root vegetables (carrots, squash, potatoes)

French Fries, potato chips, popcorn

 Rubs, marinades, sauces


Ingredients: granulated honey, Ancho Chile, Nashville Spice Company's Sweet Chili Powder (New Mexico Chili Powder, garlic, coriander, paprika, cumin, sugar oregano, cinnamon), Kosher sea salt, smoked sweet paprika, Chipotle Chile, Chipotle Morita Chile, onion, garlic, Mexican oregano.