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Gullah Seasoning

Gullah Seasoning

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Gullah Seasoning is a bright, aromatic and flavorful blend that originated in the coastal regions of North and South Carolina, as well as Georgia and Florida.  Gullah Seasoning is sweet and mild, with herbaceous notes of green bell pepper and celery seed.  Its rich depth comes from tomato powder and mace, while its bold notes from garlic, black pepper and onion.   

Our Gullah Seasoning is a great blend for chicken, seafood and beans.  It adds herbaceous, peppery notes to vegetables as well.  If you are a fan of our Cajun or Creole Seasonings, give Gullah a try for a delicious and versatile change of pace.  

Use For:

Chicken, Seafood, Rice and Vegetables


Granulated green pepper, celery seed, tomato powder, garlic, onion, sage, thyme, salt, pepper, allspice, mace.

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