General Tso's

General Tso's

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A savory blend, General Tso’s Secret was designed to work as an all-purpose seasoning on Asian cuisine, but it can also be used on classically American dishes as well. This blend works well on meats, cheeses, and pasta-based dishes. It is well suited to greens and leafy vegetables. 

General Tso’s Secret is a savory seasoning that gives a lot of umami flavor to the dish it’s used on. It’s garlicky and slightly spicy with a warmth that you will notice mostly on the tongue, though it is not an uncomfortable heat by any means.

General Tso’s Secret is a hand blended seasoning made from onion, garlic, sesame, soy sauce, paprika, salt, ginger, Thai chile powder.

This seasoning is NOT gluten free.

1/2 cup jar.  3.3oz.