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General Tso's

General Tso's

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A savory blend, General Tso’s Secret was designed to work as an all-purpose seasoning on Asian cuisine, but it can also be used on classically American dishes as well. This blend works well on meats, cheeses, and pasta-based dishes. It is well suited to greens and leafy vegetables. 

General Tso’s Secret is a savory seasoning that gives a lot of umami flavor to the dish it’s used on. It’s garlicky and slightly spicy with a warmth that you will notice mostly on the tongue, though it is not an uncomfortable heat by any means.

We blend General Tso’s Secret with onion, garlic, sesame, paprika, tamari soy sauce powder (tamari soy sauce (soybeans, salt, sugar) and non-GMO maltodextrin), salt, ginger, and Thai chile powder.

The tamari in our Tamari Soy Sauce Powder used in this blend is naturally gluten-free, as is the rice-based maltodextrin carrier powder the tamari is sprayed on. This blend is gluten-free.

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