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Spicy Pickling Mix

Spicy Pickling Mix

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This is not the pickling mix for those who don’t like spicy food.  Has a nice flavor that translates to the mouth as heat at first and then slightly herbaceous as the heat fades. The white pepper and red pepper flakes give it a nice warm bite.

When using this blend, it is best to wrap the blend in cheesecloth or a small sachet and cook with the pickling mixture. Then remove after cooking rather than aging with the pickled vegetable.

Can also be used to infuse a spicy flavor to beans, soups, stews, rice dishes. Try adding them to a slow cooker for some simple and delicious meals. Like with pickling, put blend in cheesecloth or small sachet and remove before serving.

Ingredients:  Red Pepper Flakes, White Peppercorns, Whole Clove, Dried Thyme, Rosemary, Coriander Seed, Organic Bay Leaves (crumbled), and Marjoram.

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