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El Paso Chili Powder (hot)

El Paso Chili Powder (hot)

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El Paso Chili Powder has the same complex chili flavor of the Hill Country but is brimming with a with a spirited chile pepper intensity. You can substitute this spicy, salt free chili powder in any dish that calls for chili powder when you're craving an extra kick. Ideal to use on Tex-Mex style chicken wings. 

Chili powder is called for in many recipes from homemade barbecue sauces to enchiladas and tacos and for those who like  heat, El Paso won't disappoint.  

Our El Paso Chili Powder is hand blended from ancho, onion, cayenne (90,000 SHU), cumin, garlic, chipotle "morita", allspice and Mexican oregano.

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