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Hoff and Pepper

Dang Southern BBQ Sauce

Dang Southern BBQ Sauce

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Heat doesn't always have to be king. Sometimes you just want a sauce that's full of delicious flavor and won't make you break a sweat. That's why we're happy to introduce Goonzquad's Dang BBQ Sauce.

Made with the finest ingredients, Dang BBQ puts a spin on a classic Southern barbecue sauce. Sweet, smooth, and smoky, this sauce has a rich molasses flavor that is the perfect partner for ribs, chicken, or any grilled meat. Hickory woodsmoke backbone mellows the sweetness, and a hit of tang keeps things interesting.

  • Ingredients: Water, Vinegar, Tomato Paste, Cane Sugar, Natural Smoke Flavor, Salt, Molasses, Worcestershire Sauce, Ancho Chile, Chili Powder, Garlic, Onion, Spices.
  • Suggested Pairings: Beef & Pork Ribs, Roasted Chicken, BBQ Baked Beans, Little Smokies, and Chicken Wings.
  • Shelf Life: Refrigeration recommended but not required. Best if used within 2 years.

Who are the "Goonzquad"?

Goonzquad is the name of two gearhead brothers based in Tennessee who rebuild wrecked and damaged cars while filming and documenting the entire process. This charismatic duo have 2.46 million subscribers on their YouTube channel with hundreds of thousands of passionate spice lovers across the USA. Stock up to find out just how many people are craving Goonzquad's flavor sensation, handcrafted by Hoff & Pepper.

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