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Black Pepper, Cracked

Black Pepper, Cracked

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This is our Cracked Pepper and these larger pieces of the black pepper berries are ideally used on pasta and salads. We also like to use it in our rubs. From the same pepper plants as our more popular medium and coarse ground black pepper, this larger grind (10 to 16 mesh) provides the strongest flavor and aroma of all our ground peppers. Cooks like to use cracked pepper in smaller amounts to add some zing to their chicken, fish, meats, vegetables, salads and cottage cheese. 

For those who crave robust flavor this is a handy easy-to-use addition on your kitchen table when you want to add a bit of extra pepper spice and flavorful heat to any dish. We keep two pepper shakers on the table because not everybody in our family has the same appreciation for its robust flavor. Our black pepper is sourced from India, Indonesia and Vietnam (depending on the time of year) but you can also find pepper grown in Malaysia and Brazil.

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