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Chateau All-Natural White Garlic Marinade

Chateau All-Natural White Garlic Marinade

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Chateau's white garlic marinade is our most popular product in meat and seafood counters. This hearty garlic marinade is know for its ability to stay on the meat. The rich, white texture, and that wonderful unmistakeable flavor of garlic, olive oil, bell pepper, and spices adds up to repeat uses for this unique and delicious marinade. Use this marinade on chicken and seafood. Ideal for pre-marinating meat, and wonderful to use at home. Marinade chicken or fish 15 minutes prior to cooking, or overnight in the fridge. Really great garlic flavor!

All-natural ingredients: expeller pressed canola oil, water, garlic, wine vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice, dehydrated parsley, red bell pepper, spices, salt, xantham gum. All-natural, no cholesterol. Certified tested gluten-free.

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