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Nashville Spice Company

Bourbon Barrel Smoked Pepper

Bourbon Barrel Smoked Pepper

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When our black pepper is smoked, the flavors of smoky sweet bourbon and oak move in, digging deeper into pepper’s woody aspects. Next the citrusy brightness emerges in a spry bloom of flavor, then fades back to lingering pine heat as the finishing flavor.

We love Bourbon Barrel Smoked Pepper seared onto steak, and onto heartier meats like lamb or venison. Add it to rustic mashed potatoes for amazing flavor and texture. Dust over chicken wings for a knockout flavor. Roll a log of goat cheese in Bourbon Barrel Smoked Pepper for a fantastic holiday appetizer. Culinary craft cocktailers can infuse this into a tincture for peppery drinks with a bang that stands out.

Our Black Peppercorns are sourced from India, Indonesia, or Vietnam, depending on the time of year and availability. They are smoked in Kansas.

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