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Black Bean Burger Seasoning

Black Bean Burger Seasoning

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Bean Burger Seasoning is perfect for adding the right kind of savory punch to your favorite black bean burger recipe. This blend gives an intense depth of flavor, allowing for you to build on the earthiness of the beans for a more complex bite. A perfect addition to not only black bean burgers, but also recipes like beef stew or fried mushrooms, Black Bean Burger Seasoning is a great addition to your spice cabinet.

This is a savory blend with a bit of heat that is complemented nicely by the earthy flavors of the porcini mushroom powder and cumin.

Start with one tablespoon of seasoning blend per pound of mixture (beans, veggies or meat).

Ingredients:  garlic, onion, tomato (tomato, < 2% Silicon Dioxide (anti-caking agent)), chipotle powder, cumin, paprika, soy sauce powder, green bell pepper, mustard, porcini mushroom, and nutritional yeast.

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