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Birria Taco Seasoning

Birria Taco Seasoning

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Opening with a burst of fragrant sweetness from tomato and cinnamon, our Birria Taco Seasoning is full of complex flavor. The chocolate essence of ancho chiles comes in next, with the berry fruit and smoke from chipotles and heat from de arbol chiles. Built on a foundation of garlic and onions, this seasoning blend hits all the right notes. It gets gentle citrus from coriander, a hint of caramel from brown sugar, flaky bites of smoky salt, and the woodsy pepper of allspice.

Our Birria Taco Seasoning would be excellent on any slow-cooked meat; try it on brisket, ribs, or chuck roast, or use to season a whole leg of lamb. Stir into homemade Mexican rice. Add to onions that have been sweated for a savory tortilla soup. Blend into black bean cakes, sprinkle over corn and zucchini to roast. Work this into your chili seasoning rotation. Whisk with lime juice and oil to make a dressing for Tex-Mex pasta salad. Mix into cream cheese and make stuffing for jalapeño poppers.

Our Birria Taco Seasoning is made from ancho, chipotle morita, Mexican oregano, de arbol, garlic, onion, mesquite salt, brown sugar, tomato, coriander, cinnamon, allspice, and celery seed.

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