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Ajika Seasoning

Ajika Seasoning

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Ajike (ah-JEE-kah) - A blend of ground chiles that is peppery-hot without being overwhelming.

The earthy aroma hits you first with the bittersweet, almost maple-like smell of fenugreek in the background. It has a rounded flavor; at first it is sweet, then the heat from the chiles comes in, followed by floral bitterness of marigold as the high note while pungent garlic and earthy fenugreek provide the low notes. The heat lingers until the end but is balanced by the citrusy flavor of coriander. The ending note is sweet and rich for a mellow finishing touch.

Use For:
Use as a rub, in soups, over beef, chicken, pork, or vegetables - roasted or grilled.

Red bell pepper, Aleppo pepper, New Mexico Lumbre chile powder, garlic, coriander, tomato, fenugreek, sea salt, marigold.

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