Low & Slow Pulled Pork

Low & Slow Pulled Pork



Set your pellet grill or smoker to 250ºF. While the grill comes to temperature, trim the excess fat off your pork shoulder.

Season the pork generously with Nashville Spice Company Brown County Fire BBQ Rub. Let sit for 20 minutes, or until smoker is ready.

Place the pork shoulder on the grill grate, fat side up, until the internal temperature reaches 160ºF, about 3 to 5 hours.

Once it reaches 160ºF, remove it from the grill and place onto a large sheet pan covered in enough aluminum foil to wrap the pork entirely on all sides. Pour in apple cider, and wrap the pork shoulder, closing it up at the top.

Place the foil-wrapped pork back on the grill, fat side up, and cook until the internal temperature reaches 204ºF, about 3 to 4 hours longer, depending on the size.

Remove from the grill and let it sit for about 45 minutes. Then shred and pour juices from the aluminum foil back into the shredded pork.

Serve as sandwiches, on nachos or tacos, or just by itself!

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