September Newsletter - "The Art of Food"

September Newsletter - "The Art of Food"

We now carry over 400 spices, rubs & blends for all of your cooking and baking needs. What makes spices so exciting? Let’s use the analogy of an artist. You as the cook are the artist and spices are your paints – they can bring a blank canvas (or dish) to life!

Spices allow you to be creative and adventurous with your cooking and best of all, they prevent you from eating another bland meal.

Spices serve several purposes in cooking and can be used to:

  • Add Flavor and Aroma. Spices can transform a meal by adding a range of flavors, from a hint of sweetness to a kick of heat. They also give beautiful aromas that are often our first determining factor for whether we want to eat a meal or not.
  • Enhance taste of food. We always think of salt as our go-to when a meal tastes too bland, but there are other spices, like cumin, that bring out the natural flavors of food.
  • Change or enhance color. If you’ve ever eaten at an Indian restaurant you may have noticed that many of the dishes have a deep yellow, orange or red color. That’s because the spices used in typical Indian cooking, such as turmeric and paprika, give color to the foods making them more bright and appealing.

Seasoning with spices can be intimidating if you’re not familiar with it but – like painting – with the right tools and practice, you’ll be cooking up a masterpiece in no time. Stop by our store and we will be happy to help you select the perfect spices for your cooking and baking needs.

This month we are featuring our Nashville Spice Company Bristol Bay Salmon Seasoning and sharing our Bristol Bay Grilled Salmon recipe with you.

Our featured product is a new product line - L'Epicurien Artisan du Gout. They have been making gourmet specialties for 30 years.

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Our Nashville Spice Company Bristol Bay Salmon Seasoning was named in honor of a small fishing business Bristol Bay, Alaska who fish for salmon. Bristol Bay is in Southwestern Alaska at the eastern end of the Bering Sea, several freshwater rivers flow into the bay. Bristol Bay is home to the world's largest wild sockeye salmon fishery and has strong yearly runs of chum salmon, king salmon and silver salmon.  

Our Nashville Spice Company Bristol Bay Salmon Seasoning is hand blended with Pacific Ocean sea salt, toasted sesame seeds, toasted minced onion, orange peel, ginger, lemon, black pepper, cilantro and basil.

The flavor of our Nashville Spice Company Bristol Bay Salmon Seasoning is savory and a bit nutty with citrusy notes and hints of herbiness.

We like to use about ½ to 1 tsp. of seasoning per 4 ounces of salmon. We always recommend going with less seasoning than more to start as you can always add more. For best results we also like to squeeze a little bit of fresh orange or lemon juice on the filets after seasoning but before cooking as this really wakes up the zest in the blend.

You can also marinate the seasoned salmon overnight in the refrigerator to let the spices really let their flavors meld into the salmon. Grill or bake, you will have a delicious salmon using our special spice.





Wild caught, Alaskan sockeye salmon is prized for its health benefits and is one of our favorite proteins for the grill. Salmon is widely known for it's beneficial Omega 3's, but did you know that salmon is also a good source of Vitamin E?

When choosing to purchase salmon, make sure to read the labels, Wild salmon is caught in natural environments such as oceans, rivers and lakes and is the best salmon for you. Today many salmon is farm raised, and far less nutritional.


  • 4 4oz wild caught sockeye salmon fillets - with skin
  • 2 teaspoons olive oil
  • 1 Tablespoon Nashville Spice Company Bristol Bay Salmon Seasoning


  1. Prepare grill to med/high heat.
  2. Before grilling fish, rinse it and pat dry with paper towels.
  3. Lightly brush both sides of each fillet with olive oil.
  4. Rub Nashville Spice Company Bristol Bay Salmon Seasoning into each fillet covering all sides.
  5. Place salmon on the grill rack over heat.
  6. Close the grill cover and grill for 4 to 6 minutes per 1/2-inch thickness.
  7. Carefully, turn the fish once halfway through grilling.
  8. Using a fork, check the flesh at the thickest part of the fillet. When it is done, grilled salmon will be opaque yet moist, and will pull apart easily.
  9. Remove skin and serve immediately.

Serves: 4




L’Epicurien is a company founded by a Master Jam Maker and that has, for more than 30 years, been making wonderful jams and much more…

The story of L’Epicurien dates back to 1982 when Bernard Le Gulvout revived a delicatessen in Saint-Mandé under the name L’Epicurien, with the ambition of being an "Artisan du goût"- Artisan of taste - for his customers. In the mid 1990s, he settled down in a fruit production region, the Languedoc-Roussillon, to lead the development of his company.

He was joined by his two nephews, Xavier in the early 2000s and Benoit in 2012. L’Epicurien, an artisan family company, is equipped with modern handcraft production facilities that enable it to meet the quality and traceability of today’s requirements while preserving its authentic soul.

Lemon Curd - A Fruit Curd is used as a spread or as a filling for desserts. The most famous one is the Lemon curd. The basic ingredients are whole eggs, beaten yolks, sugar, butter and fruit juice. They are slowly cooked together until thickened and then allowed to cool to form a soft, smooth and flavoured paste. Home-made lemon curds were traditionally served with bread or scones for afternoon tea as an alternative to jams; and also as a topping for cakes, pastries and tarts. Lemon tarts filled with lemon curd and topped with meringue have been a favourite dessert in the USA and UK since the 19th century.


  • For breakfast
  • To go with your afternoon snacks
  • On crêpe, waffle, scone and other sweet dishes
  • With yogurt, fresh cheese and cottage cheese
  • Use to make tart, soufflé, doughnut and fruit swiss roll
  • To prepare your macarons
  • On certain sweet and savoury recipes




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