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Nashville Spice Company

White Truffle Salt

White Truffle Salt

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Made from the rare and prized Italian white Alba truffle, our White Truffle Salt is delicate and refined.  Not as intense as its cousin the black truffle, white truffles have more distinct garlic and onion notes.  A must for pasta, potatoes, egg dishes and vegetables.   Makes a beautiful addition to chicken, seafood and pork.  Add to soups, stews, chowder and dips for an exquisite new layer of flavor.  Sprinkle on popcorn or nuts.  Fine Grind.

Use for:

Eggs, vegetables

Beef, chicken, seafood, pork

Soups, stews, chowder, pasta, dips

Popcorn, snacks


Crushed All-natural sea salt, Italian Alba white truffle

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