Sagemary Sea Salt

Sagemary Sea Salt

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sea salt, rosemary, sage

Sagemary Sea Salt is a culinary bouquet of chopped fresh sage and rosemary with moist, crunchy sea salt. Gorgeous salt packed with green flecks. So fragrant and evocative, you won’t know if it is Thanksgiving or if you are in the Mediterranean.
Keep this one in the fridge to retain freshness of flavors.

Here are a few of our favorite uses for Sagemary Sea Salt:

**Roasted lamb and lamb chops
**Grilled pork tenderloin
**Roast chicken or turkey
**Risotto or other rice dishes
**Mashed, roasted, or buttered baked potatoes
**Bread stuffing
**Focaccia before baking
**Tomato dishes and sauces
**Sautéed apples or pears
**Mix with olive oil and use as a rub
**Italian dishes