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Peruvian Blood Orange & Aji Panca Cooking Sauce

Peruvian Blood Orange & Aji Panca Cooking Sauce

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The Peruvian Blood Orange sauce is inspired from our work with local Peruvian chefs who come from a true culinary fusion culture.  They bring together the flavors of Europe and Asia while using native ingredients such as aji panca (a sweet, smoky, slightly spicy pepper), aji amarillo (a fruity but fiery pepper), and Huacatay (black mint).  Slow simmer your food to absorb the sweet and savory flavors from this cooking sauce, use as a grill sauce to bring caramelized goodness to your protein, or simply use as a dipping condiment with your favorite vegetables.

Instructions for a simple & flavorful meal: Season one-pound of cubed chicken or pork. In a saute pan, cook the meat with a tablespoon of vegetable oil on medium heat until lightly browned. Add contents of jar and simmer for 15 minutes. Serve with rice, beans or flatbreads.

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