Merlot Salt

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Complex and rich in flavor, our Merlot Sea Salt combines the complexity and depth of merlot wine with our all-natural sea salt for a taste that is rich, decadent and indulgent.  A truly versatile salt that is equally at home in dishes that are savory or sweet.  Partners well with red meats as well as pork and chicken.  Add to dry rubs or in soups and stews.  Compliments dishes containing cardamom, cloves or bay leaves. Sprinkle on shrimp or scallops.  Use as a topping for chocolate or in deserts.  Flaked.

Use for:

Steak, hamburgers, pork, chicken, seafood

Soups, stews, chowders

Chocolate, deserts, dry rubs


All-natural sea salt, Merlot Wine