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Jiao Yan

Jiao Yan

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A classic Chinese spice blend, Jiao Yan is perfect for a variety of foods. Usually used as a dip for fried chicken, this blend is also called “Szechuan spice mix” or “sichuan salt and pepper.”

Jiao Yan is hand blended with sea salt and Sichuan pepper.

Use anywhere that you would use salt. This blend is excellent on many dishes. It is perfect as a finishing spice and tastes incredible with root vegetables, soups, stews, and even popcorn. Use it in Asian-inspired stir fry dishes and on eggs. It is even good on cheesy dishes, like fettucine alfredo or hearty baked macaroni and cheese. Even great with Tofu. 

This blend has an intense flavor that is described as salty and slightly numbing from the Sichuan pepper.


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