Grapefruit Juniper & Honey Vinegar

Grapefruit Juniper & Honey Vinegar

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"bitter-sweet . complex . vibrant "

Serve our Grapefruit Juniper Honey Apple Cider Vinegar as : a drinking vinegar, a healthy salad dressing, cocktail mixer, seltzer mixer, drizzle over grilled seafood and salmon.

Grapefruit Juniper and Honey Vinegar

This delicious grapefruit vinegar is the newest addition to our vinegar line!  Whole juicy sweet Texas grapefruit from skin to pith to flesh are steeped in apple cider vinegar with juniper berries, aromatic spices and orange blossom honey.  The result is a vinegar with a complexity of layers and flavors full of detoxifying nutrients.  The fresh grapefruit lends to the vibrant bittersweet yet tart flavors, the juniper berries fill in all the holes with woody pine undertones and the orange blossom honey carries a floral caramelized sweetness.  It's a journey for the palate and the complexity is just perfect for a variety of dishes.  

Our Grapefruit Juniper and Honey Vinegar is absolutely delicious when used as a dressing over a simple arugula salad with goats cheese and candied nuts.  It's also the perfect dressing for a healthy detox salad of kale, citrus, salmon, quinoa and avocado. Drizzle it over grilled scallops or grilled shrimp skewers for a bright citrus finishing sauce.  Mix it in a gin and tonic for a grapefruit honey twist or add to a paloma for a vibrant tequila cocktail.  Add our grapefruit vinegar to your everyday seltzer water for a healthy, refreshing and detoxifying thirst quencher!  Full of super healthy ingredients, Grapefruit, apple cider vinegar, orange blossom honey and spices you could also just take a shot of it for a mid afternoon pick me up!

Our wonderful handcrafted vinegars go through a slow infusion process. The results being gourmet vinegars with a slightly thicker consistency, rich natural flavor, color and just enough sweetness to balance the acidity. A method that can not be rushed and is only achieved using whole fruit ingredients, patience and time.  We use no fruit purees or concentrates just real whole fruit ingredients.