Chocolate Chili Almond Butter

Ready for a classic pairing with a grown-up twist? Almonds and chocolate have been the best of friends for quite a long time. We invited some cayenne chili pepper and a dash of salt to this get together and a good time is being had by all!
That's right we've got one of the best tasting almond butters you've ever had. We grind the dry-roasted almonds with salt and cayenne chili. Once its at just the right consistency, we stir in semi-sweet chocolate chips, just to evenly mix them into the batch.
As we fill each jar, the chocolate chips melt into the almond butter, melding this perfect pairing with a little surprise. As the chocolatey, almond butter washes over your tongue a little heat sneaks up on your taste buds. Your mouth will be quite overjoyed at the range of flavor emotions as you head for more...
Great spread on toast, apples, bananas, crackers and frankly anything sorely in need of flavor! We've also got the hook up on each jar for a recipe for ridiculously good Fudgy Chocolate Chili Almond Butter Brownies!
So do yourself a favor and snag a jar!