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Chakalaka Seasoning

Chakalaka Seasoning

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Chakalaka is a South African dish thought to have been invented in Johannesburg by mineworkers who threw together a bunch of ingredients they had on hand and found out it was delicious.  Chakalaka is not really something you can fully enjoy on its own, it is the perfectly flavorful companion to a variety of dishes. The seasoning blend inspired by the food and sharing a name perfectly encompasses the idea of a multi-functional food. It is a blend that has a deep flavor, a wonderful aroma, and can be used on all types of food from meat or vegetables to legumes and grains. This blend is an excellent addition to the cupboards of anyone who is interested in South African cuisine, or simply anyone who wants new, inspiring flavor combinations.

Our Chakalaka Seasoning is hand blended from Cape Malay Curry Powder, Onion, Garlic, Paprika, Birdseye Chiles, and Thyme.

This blend is savory, garlicky, and spicy! It has a little bit of an herbaceous undertone, and it is quite fragrant.

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