Annatto Seeds (Whole)

Annatto Seeds (Whole)

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Annatto seeds are a part of the Yucatan inspired Recado Rojo blend that can be used to make your own Achiote Paste or as a grill rub for chicken. Achiote paste is a critical in creating the Yucatan region’s signature dish Pollo Pibil, or Achiote Chicken. This chicken is wrapped up in banana leaves and then cooked in a fire pit, traditionally.

Annatto works well in combination with allspice, chili powder, citrus juice, cloves, cumin, epazote, Mexican oregano and paprika. It goes well with beef, chicken, egg dishes, legumes, okra, onions, pork, rice, squash, sweet peppers, sweet potatoes and tomatoes. It is also lovely with coconut-based curries and in Peking style duck dishes.

Annatto seed tastes delicate, mildly sweet, and it has a hint of peppery taste with earthy and flowery undertones.

NOTE: Annatto Seeds are very hard, a pepper grinder is recommended.