Andouille Sausage Seasoning

Andouille Sausage Seasoning

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Andouille, pronounced “an-DOO-ee” is a smoked pork sausage that originated in France. Andouille is commonly used as an ingredient in making several classic Cajun dishes. Its signature smoky flavor can be found in etouffee, gumbo, jambalaya and you’ll be hard pressed to make an outstanding red beans and rice without it.

While andouille may be best known as a key ingredient in one of the various Cajun dishes it is also pretty spectacular on a hero roll with some spicy Cajun mustard. We’ve also used it in pasta and numerous soups that needed a nice delectable kick.

Use 1 tsp of cure for every 5 pounds of meat.

Hand blended from sea salt, garlic flakes, paprika, chili powder, cayenne, black pepper, mace, allspice, thyme, bay leaves and sage.