Bacon Natural Flavor

Bacon Natural Flavor by OliveNation gives food bacon flavor. It’s perfect for flavoring vegetarian dishes.  

How do you use it? Savory Bacon Natural Flavor by OliveNation can be added to any liquid-based food application. Get creative with Bacon Natural Flavor and make batters, icings, frostings, fillings, and beverages taste like bacon. It can also be used while making beer and wine. Since Bacon Natural Flavor is water-soluble, it works best in food applications that contain liquid.

What are some other applications for Bacon Natural Flavor?

•    Use it to flavor sauces.
•    Give vegetarian foods bacon flavor.
•    Add Bacon Natural Flavor to baked goods for a creative twist.
•    Stir it in your favorite buttercream or frosting recipe to create a sweet and savory bacon-flavored frosting.
•    Make bacon-flavored ice cream.
•    Use Bacon Natural Flavor in a peanut butter or chocolate recipe for a complementary taste.

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